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I finally finished going through the honeymoon pictures! It took a long, long time, but they are done and posted. I ended up with 58 images that I liked enough to give a top rating, which is a record for a single trip. You can find all of the pictures filed under Austria, Italy and Germany.

Since the honeymoon, we've also managed a few shorter trips. At the beginning of August, we went with a bunch of friends to Glacier National Park in Montana. We rented a house in Columbia Falls and had a blast, including various hikes and also a sunrise photo expedition, at my suggestion of course. Also, just this past weekend, Nhu and I went with my parents to Oregon. We visited Crater Lake, and also drove up nearly the entire Oregon coast, from Crescent City to Cannon Beach. It was quite stunning, certainly a trip I'd recommend.

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Wow, it's been a while! Nhu and I have been very busy with wedding plans, and the big day is coming in just under two months. Needless to say, we are both very excited. We're keeping the wedding small, with only about 70 guests invited, so it should be a nice, intimate atmosphere. We’re going with blue and light yellow for our colors, and we will have the beautiful Arrowhead golf course as the backdrop for our ceremony. My good friends are handling the photography, despite being very busy with their (by then) one-year-old son. They also did our engagement photos, which turned out amazing! We couldn’t be more grateful. We’ve also got a DJ, officiant and decorator booked, and we’ve picked out some pretty tasty cupcakes from Gigi’s for dessert. Overall, I think we are doing very well; we’re now mostly working on small details. My next task is to whip up the programs.

Since my last post we have, of course, done a bit of traveling. Over Thanksgiving, we went to Bermuda with my college roommate (and best man) Matt Johnson, and his significant other. Rental cars are verboten on the island, but we did rent scooters, which were a blast. Other than a hiccup at the beginning from Matt, we had no problems riding them, despite having to also handle driving on the left. The scooters topped out at about 65 kilometers per hour, but we were still able to explore the whole length of the island in just a couple days, hitting up all the best beaches and sights. Of course I took plenty of pictures; I am quite happy with what I managed to get.

We also went to northern California for the wedding of one of Nhu’s friends from Vietnam. The wedding was in San Jose, but we did a bit of exploring after the wedding. I took Nhu down to Pebble Beach and Big Sur, and then we went up to Napa for a day of wine tasting. We finished off the trip with a day in San Francisco before heading home.

I also went up to Seattle in February by myself to surprise Matt for his birthday, which was lots of fun. Another good friend from college came too, and we had a great time. That’s all the traveling that I’ve done so far this year, though, and I am definitely itching for a weekend trip somewhere.

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Though it may not look like it, I just pushed a new version of my web site today, rewritten almost from the ground up. The new site now uses ASP.NET MVC 4, and now uses RavenDB instead of the MySQL database that was previously in place. The only thing that didn't change, at least not much, is the way the site looks. It uses nearly the same CSS as before. The only notable exception is, of course, the Photos page. Although the page still uses the Galleria jQuery plugin, I have updated it to the latest version, and also scrapped the server-side paging model, replacing it with a new AJAX-based "infinite scrolling" implementation that integrates into the Galleria theme. Thanks to ASP.NET MVC and JSON, this was actually easier to implement than the old server-side paging model. Additionally, I have updated the RSS implementation to use .NET's new(ish) built-in syndication functionality; due to the integration of this with MVC, the URLs for the RSS feeds have changed, so if you are subscribed, take note of the change.

In addition to these changes, I also have new features planned, so be sure to check back!

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