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Fall break proved to be very fun. On Friday, I went to a restaurant in Denver called La Fondue which, as you might guess, serves fondue. Two of my friends from high school, Carrie and Sarah, and Sarah's boyfriend went as well. The food was simply amazing. The first course was a cheese fondue, for which we were provided bread, veggies, and green apples. The second course was salad; I had a caesar. The third course, served as the main course, was a broth fondue. We were given plates of meat and veggies, which included chicken, shrimp, sirloin steak, filet mignon, salmon, mushrooms, zucchini, carrots, celery and cauliflower. And finally, for dessert, we got the s'mores fondue. This consisted of a chocolate fondue with a flaming liquor poured over the top, on which we roasted marshmallows. After the fire went out, we had other goodies to dip in the chocolate, such as kiwi, strawberries, Snickers, pound cake, cheese cake and pineapple. I also got a glass of sauvignon blanc. The evening was simply great, and fun was had by all.

Two days later, I went to the Broncos football game with my mom, aunt and uncle. The new Mile High is great, though definitely not as loud as the old stadium. The Broncos hosted the Patriots, and we took them to school. Don't let the score of 28-20 fool you - during the first three quarters, the Broncos were entirely in control of the game. During the fourth quarter, New England gained some momentum, but it was too little too late.

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Recap for the weekend: Huskers win (barely), Broncos win (barely), Tico's margaritas excellent.

Nebraska's offense still has yet to show up for the game. And to top it off, our defense nearly gave up enough points that it might have mattered. On the other hand, the last three minutes of play were amazing. We had to give Pitt the ball back near the end of the game, up 7 to 6. Terrible defensive calls left them knocking on our doorstep, in field goal range. But between the crowd and multiple timeouts, their kicker was psyched out of his mind and the kick went bad. The student section roared, but they still had another down and time on the clock. But on their second attempt, the kick was blocked. The crowd then erupted in cheers. It was glorious.

I also caught the last quarter of the Broncos game. We seemed to be playing pretty solidly, but between Elam's two(!) missed field goals and two red zone turnovers, the game was tied at 17 until the last few seconds of the game. Then Mr. Elam made his third field goal for the win. Apparently he has never missed three attempts in a single game, ever.

And yes, I did go to Tico's again on Friday, and I had their strawberry margarita. Simply fantastic.

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Well, last Sunday was my birthday. My parents came out from Colorado to see me, and we spent the weekend together. I got them tickets to the Wake Forest game, and we went to Famous Dave's afterwards. On Sunday, I had my first two legal magaritas at Tico's, and later we went to Lazlo's for dinner where I had their beer sampler. We finished the evening with a bottle of Champagne - the real stuff, not just sparkling wine. Later today I am going out with friends to Tico's to celebrate Tracy's and my birthdays. More margaritas!

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