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This past weekend, I went on a trek accross western Nebraska. It was suggested that I take Highway 2, as it is supposedly the prettiest drive in the state. So, I set out to Grand Island and picked up Highway 2, and eventually hit the sand hills. Unfortunately, they were not as green as I had hoped, but I did get a few nice pictures regardless. I eventually made my way out to Alliance and then headed south to Scott's Bluff, which turned out to be pretty boring. However, I did see Chimney Rock, and of course got some pictures of that as well.

Unfortunately, in photographing Chimney Rock, I managed to leave my sunglasses on my car and drove off. I realized it immediately, and went back to find them. They were lying on the road, broken. At any rate, my next stop was Lake McConaughy. I was quite surprised at how large the lake is. From there, I headed home on the boring I-80 route. When the trip was over, I had driven 850 miles, in one day. I had originally anticipated spending the night somewhere, but I decided to just drive through instead, which meant driving in the dark from North Platte eastward. Overall, the trip was good, but I am definitely looking forward to the more exciting places I will be visiting in the coming months.

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