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The photos from my recent trip to Crater Lake and the Redwood parks have now been posted. I am incredibly pleased with how the pictures from Crater Lake turned out; the water is indeed stunningly blue, and it contrasts beautifully with the thick layer of white snow that touches everything else. The redwood pictures are a bit more difficult to judge, as the lighting makes exposing an entire frame properly almost impossible. Because of this, I usually bracketed my shots. I may eventually end up creating a few HDR images from the multiple exposures, but since I usually post my shots with no processing other than a quick color balance and export to JPG, I have gone ahead and posted only the primary exposures.

Now that my new site is done and I have a good tool for data edting, I have gone back and started to title and tag my older pictures as well. I have in fact finished a good number of photos, though I still have quite a few to go through, mostly from Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and my New York City road trip of last year. I am hoping to have them finished in the coming weeks as well.

Posted by nick.steinbaugh at 2:14 AM